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What is smartCARS?

The smartCARS system is a flight tracking software made for Flight Simulator X, Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D, and Laminar Research's X-Plane. This flight tracking software is purchased by airline administrators and given to pilots to allow the recording and filing of their flights.

Why smartCARS?

We are always expanding the platform with new features free of charge to existing customers.

We offer features that raise the bar for ACARS.

Our software was developed and tested with the latest technologies and is kept to a very tight quality standard.

The smartCARS client is very customizable for both airlines and pilots.

The unparalleled smartCARS chat creates a gateway to the community for all users.

It is used by hundreds of virtual airlines and loved by thousands of pilots.

Your Pilots Will Love It

smartCARS isn't just designed with virtual airlines in mind. We have made sure that the experience is just as great for the pilots who will be flying with it.

  • Fluid, dynamic user interface;
  • Efficient web connectivity and data processing;
  • Easily continue tracking a flight after a simulator crash;
  • Intelligent flight event recording;
  • Multi-bid support;
  • Ability to Charter Flights;
  • In-app flight searching and booking;
  • Integrated pause at top of descent system;
  • Integrated streaming radio by JetStream Radio with live DJ’s;
  • Altitude callout system (with the option for GPWS or copilot callouts) Flight attendant announcements;
  • Customizable sound packs with extensive documentation;
  • Automatic login;
  • Integrated traffic map;
  • Customizable experience;
  • With Premium:
    • Restore your flight progress from the cloud after a simulator or computer crash.;
    • Customize the theme of the interface;
    • Mobile App for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.